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Why Selecting A Right Bathroom Countertops?

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There are several qualities of bathroom countertops available in the market and the prices of these different varieties may not differ much. The choice is plenty. One has to be very cautious and careful in selecting the item. Buyers will generally struggle to find out countertop of their preferred design and of course, cost should be reasonable.  The strength of the countertops may not be sometimes of that importance to them. There is the difference between using bathroom surface and the kitchen surface. While in the kitchen, using hot frying pans, sharp knives etc. can be termed as assaulting the countertops, but this is not so with the bathrooms. The bathroom countertops available in the market and which are of a high-quality material are always beautiful and strong. Bathroom countertops in Pittsburg are highly famous due to its advanced engineering look for bathroom and kitchen.


Different Bathroom Countertops

  • Granite bathroom countertops look very beautiful. When these are taken care of by regular and proper maintenance and also their resistance to heat is looked into these Granite bathroom countertops will be long-lasting.
  • Marble Bathroom Countertops: Marble is quarried in many places around the world, and marble deposit is colored by minerals of respective locations. This gives marble a beautiful and a unique look.
  • Quartz Bathroom Countertops: Quartz countertops look almost like natural stone. These countertops are not porous. These will not be stained and can be comfortably cleaned. Quartz countertops are generally colored with the wide range of colors available around the world. However, bathroom countertops in Columbus are highly famous among people due to its fine design and look that it throws.



  • Granite countertops, if properly sealed, will need low maintenance as these are hard and scratch resistant.
  • Marble Countertops are very strong. A dent cannot be easily made on this or even small chips cannot be easily taken out from this material. These, therefore, last for a long time.
  • Quartz countertops are resistant to moisture, stains and also bacteria.



The countertops of any variety whether made of marble or any other material will make a bathroom attractive if the bathroom countertops are beautiful. But these countertops mentioned above will have a special effect in remodeling and beautify the bathrooms.



5 Things You Need to Know Before Cleaning Travertine

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Cleaning up your travertine floor or countertop can be easy but when you don’t understand the material you are dealing with, it can be tough to maintain the quality of the material. This guide will help you understand the things you need to do and the ones you don’t for maintenance of a travertine countertop or flooring that lasts for decades to come. Travertine is an amazing material that will surely compliment any design inside your house. It tends to wear well while lasting a long time.


Staining and Etching:
Travertine countertops can be sensitive towards the acidic substances that comprise of wine, juice, coffee and similar things. This can easily dull away the finish or polish on the stone similar to limestone or marble. Travertine is also prone to staining but sealing can control the amount of staining seen in the material.
Blot the spills:
Whenever you see a spill on the travertine flooring Columbus, you need to immediately blot the spills with the use of soft cloth and a bit of water rather than using any cleaning product to do so. The sooner you blot the spills, the better it is for the material to maintain its look.

Use luke warm water:
Instead of using acids or cleaning agents for your travertine flooring Detroit, always use some luke warm water and soft sponge to clean up the surface followed by stone cleaner every day once. Try to buff dry the surface with the use of clean cloth or a chamois. A mild variant of soap can also be used to clean the floor or countertop but regular use can dull down the shine of the material.

Refrain from using acidic cleaners:
Using things such as vinegar, lemon, ammonia or orange for keeping your travertine flooring Pittsburgh clean and shiny can be a bad choice. These agents can be corrosive to your stone causing them to lose their strength and shine. It will also make the material vulnerable to scratches.
Do not put much pressure:
Regardless of the fact that these materials are strong, they are not flexible enough to carry too heavy weight easily. Plus they do not carry a backing done by plywood which is why too much pressure on a single spot can cause cracks.

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Things to Understand When Picking Bathroom Countertops

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Vanity tops tend to play a dual role which includes durability while being stylish and ultra modern. They tend to stand up to the harsh effects of soap, cosmetics, water and similar liquids that might harm, scratch or dull down the surfaces. Bathroom countertops need to be sturdy and should not have a porous or delicate surface as such. The type of countertop you pick for your bathroom mostly depends on your budget and style. Here are some of the popular choices when it comes to bathroom countertops.

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Marble and Granite:

Having your bathroom decked with a marble or granite countertops adds an element of rich and sleek look without having to invest a lot. However, granite countertops tend to cost more than laminate, but granite can easily handle the heat as well as wear/tear. However, you need to keep in mind that a sealant must be applied to the surface to keep the grease off as marble tend to stain easily. You can opt for granite if staining is a concern rather than picking marble countertops.

Solid Surface:

When it comes to solid surfaces, they tend to be very durable as well as low maintenance. They are made from quartzite material and required an easy buffing with sandpaper to remove any scratches. Most of all, these surfaces can easily handle high intensity of heat with a price tag that is less than that of marble or granite.

Trending Countertop Styles

Countertops are available in numerous styles which include:

  • Laminate:

Laminate countertops are affordable, stain-proof and come with a large array of choices. However, they tend to get dull, dent and burn with enough exposure throughout time.

  • Tile:

The tile-based countertops tend to require a high amount of maintenance as compared to other materials. The grout lines tend to trap gunk, but when laid in the proper pattern the same can be avoided. The artistic customization makes it worth considering.

  • Wood:

Being too porous, wood countertops require sealants to be used on the same. Wood countertops are high maintenance but provide a warm and homely look to the bathroom countertops.


What Makes a Natural Stone Different from Engineered Stones?

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As you walk through the ancient buildings of Europe, you can see the beauty of natural stone. The more they age, they more time beautifies them. However, a closer look into these stones will reveal numerous imperfections and cracks throughout the surface that might look beautiful in old monuments, but the same happening in the home or kitchen counter might not be the look you desire.

difference between natural stone and engineered stone

This is where the engineered stone comes in. Natural stone suppliers in Detroit mostly cut the blocks of stones from any quarry or mountain and sell them as they are. However, the engineered stones are the ones that undergo a certain manufacturing process that increases the consistency and durability of the stone. Let’s take a look at certain factors that differentiate natural stones from the engineered ones.


If you have been looking for a natural stone in Detroit, the beautiful patterns, veining, textures as well as color mixtures make them add charm to your kitchen as a countertop. However, with natural stones, there is a good chance that this look might fade away with time. Engineered stone countertops in Detroit can be custom picked with all that you desire in your kitchen. You get the guarantee of consistent look maintenance for a long term.


When you opt for a natural slab, you do not get a guarantee over the consistency and characteristics of the stone. You do not have any idea about the various areas of the countertop made from natural stones. With the engineered slabs at your kitchen, you know the exact qualities that have been inserted into the stone during the manufacturing process. Manufacturers can easily test the quality of the product to let the customers know the exact features held inside the stone with regards to the consistency and performance of the same.

Customization and maintenance:

While natural stones come as they are, you get the chance to customize the engineered stones as per your requirements. Engineered stone distributors provide you the option to choose more than just the design and color of the stone. You can easily pick the finishes, nuances, textures, and composition of the entire stone. Apart from that natural stones come with a whole lot of pores and bumps that make them vulnerable to staining. However, engineered surfaces can be turned smooth to minimize the collection of dirt.

The Perfect Selection of Granite Slabs and Countertops

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Are you planning a renovation for your house? If yes, picking the right material for your kitchen countertops can be a difficult decision. Not just your kitchen, your bathroom, Granite Slabs and Countertopshall or recreation room might also require the perfect selection of granite slabs and countertops. Granite is known for its durability which is why it is the most preferred choice among households. Let’s take a look at the different varieties of granite based countertops.

Slab Granite:

If you are looking for high-end granite price variety, slab granite has been tagged as one at the expensive side. However, the high price here comes with a widely accepted elegance that is readily available at any granite slab supplier.

Getting slab granite fitted for your home after acquiring it from granite suppliers can be a hectic job. This requires professional help for the job to be done. You can easily hire help from granite wholesalers to complete the task without causing any damage. It is seamless or close to seamless.

Tiled Granite:

Tiled granite is constructed via placement of tiles on edge aligned to edge basis. This is then secured with the use of epoxy which creates a solid countertop. Granite dealers in Detroit provide affordable tiled granite which is comparatively easier to place by yourself as compared to slab granite.

When placed perfectly, these granite countertops look very high-end at a lower cost. However, the seams might make it difficult to be cleaned. If you are looking for granite Columbus Ohio, make sure you pick Mont Surfaces as your top option.

Modular Granite:

The modular version of granite countertops is created with the assembly of granite pieces that have been cut previously. These countertops are available in the standard shapes and sizes for kitchen counters. It isn’t suitable for the custom made kitchen.

You can look up for granite fabricators Cincinnati to get the best deals in the category. Modular granite can be an easy option for DIY but achieving the perfect seamless look can be challenging. You can look for a good Cleveland quartz dealer to find the perfect modular granite for your kitchen.


Picking a Bathroom Vanity Top?

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Here is what you should look for

Planning a renovation for your bathroom? Picking the best natural stone for your bathroom vanity top can be a challenging issue, especially when it comes to creating a unique look while establishing the fact that the material you choose lasts for a long time. Stone based bathroom vanity tops in Columbus adds to the much-needed elegance as well as beauty to the look and feel of your bathroom.

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Picking a good looking bathroom vanity top requires you to evaluate the same with regards to the following aspects:

1-Stone Durability:

The first thing you need to check for when picking bathroom vanities in Grand Rapids is the durability of the stone you choose. You can find a wide range of options when it comes to the natural stone which includes soapstone, granite, quartz or quartzite which align best in a bathroom. All the materials stated above are resistant to any damage via water and durable at the same time. However, when you pick granite as your go-to material for bathroom vanities at Indianapolis, you need to check for sealants that need to be resealed at regular intervals. Granite although is resistant to many things which make it ideal to be used as a bathroom vanity. It is resistant to things such as humidity, staining, scratches and running water too.

2-Finishing Type:

When picking bathroom vanities in Pittsburgh, make sure you look for the kind of finish the same flaunts. A well-polished look that reflects elegance while shining as a mirror can look all glamorous but tend to get scratches every now and then. However, vanity tops that come with a honed finish reflect a matte look that is prone to fewer scratches. This particular finishing can be more vulnerable to damage given the porosity and vulnerability to water-related damage. If you are looking for something that curates the features of both, you can pick the leathered finish for the same. This finish does not let smudges and scratches to occur. Leathered stone have a finish that comes with pores that are sealed off. However, they require resealing at regular intervals with an uneven surface that is hard to clean.

3-Ease of Cleaning:

Bathrooms are not exposed to the same amount of mess as seen in any kitchen, but the way any bathroom is cleaned can have a huge impact on the overall look of the same. Generally, bathroom cleaners are abrasive and harsh in nature which can cause damage to the vanity tops by removing the finish and introducing new stains.

Granite bathroom vanities in Pittsburgh come with rigid finishing that lasts for a long time regardless of the environment it is exposed to. Always pick a material that can be cleaned with ease and comes with a minor chance of the stain getting absorbed. Any immediate visible stain should always be removed with the help of cleaner that comes with a ph-neutral solution that has been formulated for countertops.

Natural stones are the best ways to beautify your bathroom environment. Picking the right kind of material can add to the overall charm when selected carefully.

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Getting Best Granite Kitchen Countertops: What You Need to Know

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The moment you start shopping for a kitchen countertop made of granite, there are many questions that pop inside your mind. While some answers are easily available, some might be scarce. To make your shopping experience a bit easier, let’s take a look at some of the best tips to follow while getting your house a new look with granite countertops in Ohio.

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Things to look for as you march forward towards your shopping spree

  1. Always buy thick:

As you look through the granite countertops, Grand Rapids city has for you, make sure you choose the ones that are thick rather than thin. The countertops that are widely available are basically ¾ of an inch. They are rather fragile and prone to crack. Make sure you get the countertops that are superior in quality with a thickness of at least 1 inch.

  1. Plan your finance and avoid under-mount sink:

Normally the manufacturer at granite countertops Indianapolis cut the countertops in accordance with the type of sink you use. A sink that is of under-mount type requires more expense. This is why it is ideal to get a sink before you invest in a countertop.

  1. Always check the presence of any hairline crack or natural pit:

Natural pits often add to the existing beauty of the countertop. However, these soft spots are prone to degradation especially if you get granite countertops Pittsburgh that are less than one inch. If these imperfections do not affect the strength of the stone, you can add that to your kitchen.

  1. Look for custom design fabricator:

When buying granite countertops Detroit, make sure look for the fabricators that help you obtain a custom-made design that is more appealing with a better fit for your room.

  1. Opt for the seamless option:

The seamless options in granite countertops Columbus are rather expensive but save a lot of additional expenses in the long run. They are less prone to cracks and even add to the charm of your kitchen.

  1. Choose the color that fits well with the kitchen wall shade:

Do not opt for any random shade when choosing granite countertops colors Columbus. Always look for the option that compliments the color of your kitchen.