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Renovate Your Bathroom with Quartz Countertops

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You will come across several options of bathroom countertops when you go to survey in the market. These include travertine, glass, stainless steel, wood, concrete, tile and what not. But you may not be able to make out which one is the best for your home. Mont Surfaces would advise you to go for the best Quartz Bathroom Countertops!

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The quartz countertops are amongst the most beautiful and strong options for  bathroom countertops and bathroom vanities available. That is why you should buy quartz countertops for your bathroom or for bathroom vanity. The quartz countertops are stronger than granite countertops and long lasting as granite. Only diamond is stronger than quartz that is one of the strongest materials on the earth. The advantage of quartz countertops is that these do not stain and are easy to clean. These do not require sealing and are resistant to bacteria. Quartz is available in a large variety of colors making it easier to select one to match your home décor.

We at the Mont Surfaces are available to assist homeowners and general contractors to choose Engineered Quartz in Columbus Ohio so that you can choose the appropriate design and color of quartz countertops suitable for their home. Approach us; we shall give you an estimate free of cost for your new quartz countertops. When you choose us, we assure you, we shall make your home more beautiful. You will find our way simple and affordable.

Services Offered By Mont Surfaces

A large number homeowners at Ohio were benefitted with the assistance from Cutting Edge quartz Countertops for their bathroom over the past several years. Mont Surfaces has adequate knowledge and specialization in this industry and on the types of materials required for new countertops. We have variety of products available with us namely: Chicago Quartz, Porcelain Slabs, Stone Collections and Natural Stones but, since quartz is a long durable material, this item has also a popular demand. Quartz countertops will bring an elegant look to your bathroom and bathroom, more so, it will be enviable. Come to Cutting Edge Countertops for remodeling of your home, Mont Surfaces would be honored to assist you select and install your new countertops and make your neighbors more envious.


To Get Guideline On Granite Countertops

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Choose Mont Surface!

Mont Granite kitchen countertop in Columbus is one of the best kitchen countertops and this investment is one of the best for your home. However, it is not easy to select and install the item. We give you a few tips to guide you to choose it in the showroom up to the installation part of the countertop.


  • Visit the Showroom: Visit a fabricator’s showroom first where different samples of granite countertops are displayed along with their prices. It is natural that costs of stones will be different according to your choice.
  • Select a Sink: From aesthetics and feasibility angles, stainless steel undermount sink is preferred for granite kitchen countertops. Experts suggest using a sink of 16-gauge thickness as it is more resistant to dents. Undermount sinks are available in different sizes, so, you can choose according your need.
  • Backsplash: An interesting feature is that these days most of the kitchens have backsplashes from the countertops to the upper cabinets. You will naturally like to have the backsplash match with your granite kitchen countertops.
  • Faucet Layout: According to the faucets you have selected the number of holes will be made in the granite. The specifications for the faucets are to be supplied to the fabricator of the countertop to enable him to drill the exact number of holes.
  • Installation: The Granite kitchen countertop is supposed to be installed in a few hours. However, the faucet is to be installed and the drains of the sink should be connected for which you may perhaps have to wait for 24 hours. The fabricator will bring stone slabs to your house and complete the installation.

For all your requirements with respect to granite kitchen countertops project in Columbus, Ohio, do not wait but simply call us at Mont Surface for Granite Countertops in Pittsburgh, we are at your service!

Travertine: The Best Countertop Stone

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Travertine is a beautiful and exclusively elegant stone that has an astonishing similarity with marble. Home buyers are fond of this extraordinarily sophisticated material, therefore, it has become very popular. It has irregular cavities and holes in its structure that make each stone different from the other. Travertine countertops are available in all colors and shades of travertine stone. There are four types of finishes such as carved or chiseled edge, tumbled, polished and sharpened or honed, available in the market and also can be found as cross cut and vein cut stones.

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 There are two forms of Travertine countertops available in the market. These are:

  • Travertine Tiles
  • A solid slab of travertine.

Travertine Countertop Pros:

There are several advantages of travertine countertops. The following are a few:

  • As these stones have irregular veins and holes, these bear a sophisticated look.
  • There is a unique quality of travertine kitchen countertops and travertine bathroom countertops as these are durable can sustain stains and can also withstand any bad weather conditions.
  • These countertops have polished surfaces with the sophisticated look. These are naturally previous and are found in velvety and creamy color.
  • These countertops have enough strength to tolerate any environments, hot or cold. These are, therefore, favored and suggested for use. Mont collection is one the well-known brands for Travertine flooring in Columbus.
  • It is very convenient to fix these countertops in any area large or small or of any shape as it is easier to cut and shape the stone according to your requirement.
  • The kitchen and bathroom countertops made from travertine stone are very well-made like marble countertops. These are solidly built.

Reasons to consider for using travertine counters

We advise you to use travertine kitchen and bathroom countertops for the following five main reasons:

  • It bears a good look of a tile.
  • Go for an elegant look
  • You may look into its performance in the past. You will be delighted to use it.
  • Maintenance is simple
  • It is always better to try something different.


The appearance of Travertine countertops is aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, these are used in domestic and commercial buildings. Available at affordable prices these are found in many colors and sizes. If you can take little care for its maintenance, you will find these countertops absolutely fascinating.

Our top services

  • We provide customers with the natural stone collection such as granite, marble, quartzite, porcelains, soapstone, and sandstone
  • Customers are provided services for natural stone collection, precious stone collection, and signature collection
  • We provide customers, the best selection care for stones, porcelains and quartz care.

Mont Surfaces is one such brand where users can hand-select unique, top-quality natural stone and fine-engineered materials to fit their residential and commercial applications. We are a well-known wholesale distributor across the country. Come and experience our world-class quality Travertine Countertops selections.

Top Benefits Of Using Fireplace Surrounds | Mont Surfaces

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The Fireplace is one of the favorite places in your home. When it is surrounded by granite it will give you a feel of elegance and will remain so over the years. Granite is available in several colors and you may choose the right color to suit your home and the design of your choice if you take help of a supplier with a large slab inventory. Slab market provides you with a large collection of granite for selection. Granite fireplace surround is an exceptional stone and you must keep this in your list for any future applications.

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Benefits of Using Stones for Your Fireplace Surrounds

  • Appearance: Granite stone used as the fireplace surround, displays a noticeable and appealing look. This provides a pleasing environment too.
  • Customization: A natural stone can be made exactly suitable for any of your specific design.
  • Longevity: Stone is a substantially strong construction material. The natural stone used for fireplace surrounds has a very long life, even more than the period your home may last.
  • Uniformity of design: It adds to the design consistency. Using natural stone as your fireplace surrounds will bring about uniformity and attractive look if you are fixing stones for kitchen countertops, backsplash or at any other places at your home.

Fireplace surround in Grand Rapids is highly famous for distributing customers a quality material.

 Easycare for granite fireplace surrounds

During the season when you prefer to have chestnuts roasting on an open fire and so long as this cold weather continues, there is every possibility for Jack Frost to be biting at the nose. But it would be better and comfortable to stay indoors when the temperatures fall further because it would be very much unpleasant to remain in the cold wind outside your home. It is desirable to settle down in a warm and comfortable place inside.

  • Assess Before Lighting
  • Shine and Polish
  • Bask in the Glow

 How to clean a hearth made of granite?

  • Preventing stains and marks: Granite is very sturdy and possibly because of that it cannot generally be damaged. But anything spilling on the hearth requires to be instantly wiped out; otherwise, a watermark will be visible on the granite stone.
  • Cleaning: Granite hearth can be kept looking at its best if this is cleaned at least once a week. This is a very simple maintenance that is required for the hearth.
  • Removing stains: Sometimes if it becomes difficult to clean stains on the stone you may always use your own poultice for this purpose. This may be obtained by mixing hydrogen peroxide and powdered whiting.


As you know Granite comes with all variety of colors, therefore, you have the option for any color, shade, veining etc. Your options are wide open. Work with Mont Surfaces in the USA who will help you out in choosing the best-in-class fireplace surrounds. Rest assured your every material will be handled with utmost care by our friendly and professional team.

Our services

  • We provide customers with the natural stone collection such as granite, marble, quartzite, porcelains, soapstone, and sandstone.
  • Customers are provided services for natural stone collection, precious stone collection, and signature collection.
  • We provide customers with the best selection care for stones, porcelains and quartz care.

Why Granite Countertops Are The Best?

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What should you consider while buying a home with granite countertops? These granite countertops are made of natural stone, look beautiful and come in a variety of colors and shape. These are long-lasting. When granite countertops are used, the resale value of the building will increase. 

Granite Slabs and Countertops

Some tips for maintenance 

  • Avoid placing hot pans or pots etc. on the countertops.
  • Coasters should always be used to prevent any undesirable mark on the countertops.
  • Remember, Countertops should not be used for sitting or standing.
  • Remove Stains immediately.
  • Clean instantly anything spilling on it.


  • The natural surface of this stone reflects a brilliant and shining look.
  • Addition of granite countertops escalates the resale value of your residence.
  • The value of Granite countertops never comes down.
  • A gentle and water-soluble cleaning agent (detergent) with warm water can conveniently clean these countertops.
  • It is hygienic and clean. Bacterial pollution is not an issue with this stone.
  • It can sustain the heat of a pan.

Mont collection is a topmost brand in designing granite countertops in Ohio.  The granite products and craftsmanship of Mont collection are famous all around. In our slab yard here, you will be astonished to see the display of more than unique slabs of granite collected from around the world. In this showroom, you will find an excellent quality of bathroom and kitchen products. If you so desire, we shall give you estimate, free of cost, for you to decide about the product. We maintain the highest industrial standard when we are asked to install these exceptionally superior quality countertops. Come and try with the team.

Bottom line

It is a known fact that kitchen is a very important part in almost all the houses. Therefore, countertops which are durable, heat resistant, and can withstand heavy usage, should be chosen. Granite countertops are no doubt ideal for this purpose. 

Our services

  • We provide customers with the natural stone collection such as granite, marble, quartzite, porcelains, soapstone, and sandstone
  • Customers are provided services for natural stone collection, precious stone collection, and signature collection
  • We provide customers with the best selection care for stones, porcelains and quartz care.

How do I check Quality of Granite Slabs?

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With the solidification of magma, the semi-fluid material under the earth’s crust, a rock is formed called igneous rocks. Granite slabs are an igneous rock with grains. These are formed out of feldspar, quartz, little mica, amphiboles and some other minerals. It is made available on-site as tile or slab though it is generally found as a thick and large solid piece. There are various usages of Granite slabs. To mention a few are countertops, tabletops, flooring, stairs, kitchen platform, door, and window sills, skirting etc. You will come across multiple Granite Suppliers who brings you quality material but, it is important to find out the good quality granite worthy of use and long-lasting. You may take help of the following tips:

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  • Visual appearance:  The granite may sometimes be found with an irregular surface or minor cracks. While buying care should be taken so that it does not carry either of these two defects. Small defects may ultimately become bigger, as a result of which, the slab in course of time, may even break during installation or while using it.
  • Porosity: The longevity of the granite and its color can be ascertained by testing its permeability. This porosity of the granite can be checked with the help of lemons. You may drop lemon juice on the top of the granite slab and see how long does it take to be absorbed. Apart from this, one should definitely choose a good Granite Slab Distributor who will let you buy the most appropriate material.
  • Polish quality: The good quality of polish on granite matters much. This can be tested by scraping the top of the slabby some metallic material. It will have scratches if the quality of polishing is poor as good quality of polish will not reflect scratches. To test the porosity, pour drops of water on the granite slab and after fifteen minutes take a clean paper towel and wipe away the water. If the granite is porous, the residue of water will be clearly visible and be considering the water absorption level this particular piece may not be a good one.
  • The granite needs to be tested for acidity resistance also. Keep a lemon wedge on the granite sample overnight. When you remove the lemon wedge in the morning and find that the natural glaze of the granite has got reduced then it means that the slab is not good for use for a longer period.

Well, if you are looking for the one then, Mont Granite is one of the well-known granite distributor brands which provide quality products across the country. Our top products for customers are:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Onyx
  • Sandstone
  • Soapstone
  • Engineered Quartz
  • Porcelain Slabs
  • Natural Collection
  • Precious Stone Collection
  • Signature Collection

Our knowledgeable has led us to gain in-depth experience to work with industry professional while delivering you the utmost quality material and guide you through its exciting selection process.


Adequate care should be taken and all tests suggested in the preceding paragraphs must be carried out before purchasing granite countertops to avoid any possible inconvenience after the purchase.

Top Advantages of having Fireplace in your Home

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Have you ever considered the utility of a Fireplace? Fireplaces bring comforts to the persons living in a house. Since wood smoke contributes to the huge amount of air pollution, it has been banned by many countries. However, if you want to look for wood burning units then, fireplace in Columbus, is the best place to search. Homebuyers, therefore, prefer to have a house with a fireplace. Fireplace adds to the beauty of a house. This also brings about extra energy and strength to the architecture of the building. There are several advantages of having a fireplace in the house, a few of them are as follows:

1 — Warm and comfortable Fire

Fire from a fireplace brings you cozy comfort. This coziness is not possible from any other heating appliances. Fireplace is a place where you can gather with the members of your family and friends and enjoy with them with as many as favorite activities. Whether it is an open hearth or a fireplace insert like a wood stove, you can cheerfully observe the cold melting away with this fire.

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2 — Still warm even if no electricity

During the storms of the winter season, you sometimes have to remain without electricity. The Fireplace then gives you comfort and keeps you warm. It also gives plenty of light. During the freezing cold, it is very inconvenient to remain at home if there is no electricity. Fireplace brings the comfort.

3 –Heating is Eco-friendly

Fireplace provides ample warmth in the house. Wood burning appliances are very efficient. The amount of heat these appliances in the Fireplace produce to warm the house to such an extent that it is not required to have the supply of more fossil-fueled energy. Some of the available wood burning appliances are so good that these can evenly distribute heat in the house. These can work with the existing ductwork. Burning wood has another advantage. It leaves behind zero carbon footprint. The emission from some of the wood burning appliances is very less. They do not produce smoke. Unlike fossil fuels wood is a sustainable energy source.

Apart from the above-mentioned city, fireplace is also famous in Indianapolis.


Fireplaces have fire risk also. Therefore, the safety measure needs to be taken appropriately by cleaning the chimney at regular intervals. A professional expert should inspect the chimney every year.