The Benefits of Using Granite for Construction Purposes

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Granite is a wonderful stone found in nature that has been used in various types of construction activities since time immemorial. The historical use of granite could be seen in the pyramids of Egypt, while in the present times granite is a preferred stone for both residential and commercial construction activities. Its use is highly admired in homes. Though the modern products like quartz kitchen countertops and recycled glass countertops have gained popularity, but this has not affected the demand for granite. The products like granite kitchen countertops and granite bathroom vanities are still in huge demand. So, what are the qualities of granite that make it such a popular stone for construction? Let’s discuss it.


Granite has certain special qualities or characteristics that make it a preferred stone for construction. The primary qualities of granite are mentioned below:

Durability: As a matter of fact, granite is one of the hardest substances found in nature. This attribute of granite makes it an ideal choice for flooring and kitchen countertops.

Scratch Resistance: The hard surface of granite makes it immune to scratches or abrasions. No doubt, this is a very important quality of a construction stone, especially a stone that is widely used in applications like flooring and countertops.

Heat Resistance: Granite is highly resistant to heat; it does not absorb heat and stays cool. This quality of granite makes it a perfect choice where heat resistance is a requirement like in kitchen countertops.

Granite Colors and Designs: Nature has used granite as its canvass to draw beautiful patterns and designs in various attractive colors. This thing gives granite the privilege of being used as a preferred stone for making interior décor items.

The above mentioned attributes of the granite stone are enough to make it an ideal stone for both commercial and residential construction applications.

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