5 Extremely Beautiful Stone Ideas for Your Kitchen Countertops

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Your kitchen handles a lot from spills, stains, smoke and chops. Why not install the best countertop materials to keep it fresh and hygienic all the day round.  Choosing a long lasting, durable and fancy material will be a tough kitchen countertop decision.

Here are some similar kind countertop ideas, brought by Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite from outside countries to enhance overall beauty of your home kitchen.


Quartz is superbly maintenance free, its sister engineered quartz countertops are mark, scratch, heat and acid resistant. Their non-porous surface is literally sturdy that don’t need to be sealed like other natural stone countertops. Quartz offers plethora of colors and textures, and this makes it the best amongst others in line.


Granite is a natural stone type, its stone pattern varies, and its colors are deep and bold, not so commonly found in other stones. This quality of granite adds to its appeal and so costs the same. In some regions, the cost of granite and quartz is equal but when it’s about natural granite it requires a bit more cash with carefulness to keep its good looks intact.


Limestone is relishing resurgence in the society. You can find a great upsurge in limestone utility from the past years records. Limestone’s sleek and shiny body is what attracts people. It comes in various saturated, forest green, sea blue, mauve and many more limestone patterns seeking an environment friendly caption.


From ubiquitous bright to turquoise light, soapstone is seen ruling countertops market. It is both decorative and functional. Unlike other budget friendly options like laminate, soapstone can cost a bit high on your pocket but is ideal worth the amount you spend on its purchase.


Marble is the king. Marble is a darling stone of many households today. Never mind how frantically you go on its regular cleaning and maintenance but the glare it provides is unachievable in other stones.

Choose your Kitchen countertop material from catalogue of Kitchen countertop ideas pictures listed on Mont Surfaces by Mont granite .



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