Five Tips To Clean Your Granite Countertops And Make It A Ravishing One

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Granite Countertops in Indianapolis and in other cities have emerged out a  popular choice for many homeowners, but the vast majority are not sure of how to properly maintain and clean the stone’s surface. Well, you can purchase “granite cleaner”, but certainly there are many other ways you can preserve and clean these durable, yet stunning countertops.

Below are the steps that will help you to clean and maintain your Granite Countertops for years after years of installation:

  1. First of all prepare the countertops for proper cleaning. It is utmost important for you, that before you actually begin to start cleaning your countertop, remove excess rubbish and move all appliances or items so that you can easily reach all areas.
  2. Do Wipe up sticky residue or any spills on the counter. One of the best ways to avoid staining your Granite countertop is to remove sauces or liquids immediately from your countertop. Use a hot wet cloth to loosen and remove the caked on debris if the liquid has set up.
  3. It is better to wash the crumbs or other rubbish with warm soapy water to remove it from the countertops. Use a basic foamy rag to clear countertops of remaining debris, crumbs or other matter before you thoroughly clean your countertops.
  4. Make your homemade Granite Countertops cleaning formula. Be sure, you are using cleaners that are pH balanced and it does not include any acid or acidic type chemicals.
  5. Alcohol works well as it has anticeptics and cleaning properties. Combine mild dish detergent with rubbing alcohol to clean the granite countertops.
  1. Even though the granite surfaces are tough, using ammonia, vinegar and lemon cleaner can be a very bad idea as it contains acids that are not so safe for granite. Baking soda acts as the best cleaner for more stubborn stains that do not go off in one or two rub.

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