4 Ways To Give Your Kitchen’s Countertops A Makeover

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You need to rethink about changing those muted, old countertops of your kitchen, and can definitely do so without even removing them.  All you need is to resurface the countertops and adding some lights to illuminate your kitchen just by changing the overhead light fixture. Stones like granite, quartz, marble, porcelain, and so on, acquire the capabilities to remodel the entire appearance of your kitchen.

  1. Laminate with Granites

Sprucing the countertops with slab granites will give your kitchen a traditional, brilliantly magnificent and contemporary appearance. Granite stones are available in several designs and colors like black, white, beige, coral, green and mostly preferred by the homeowners for topping their Kitchen Countertops in Cincinnati. Whetting the Granite will give your countertop a soft and matte appearance while polishing it will darken the stone color and give it a shiny presence.

  1. Top it with Quartz

The bold strength and the sober shining feature of Quartz, make it contrasting from marble and granite. For resurfacing your kitchen countertops, you can choose quartz to make the countertops look definite and compelling. Quartz, often mimics the granite and marble textures, colors and even the appearances, are available in different designs, patterns, and colors like red, green, brown, black and beige.

  1. Upgrade the muted Countertops with Porcelain

Give your kitchen a sophisticated remodeling by sprucing the countertops with white vitrified translucent ceramic – ‘Porcelain’. A wide range of colors/hues, patterns and finishing are your available, making it feasible for you to choose the right Porcelain according to the mood of your house for resurfacing the kitchen countertops.

Not ready to bust your wallet? The final tip is an inexpensive and DIY with moderate complexity to customize countertops.

  1. Forget stones and Go For Concrete!

Casting the kitchen’s countertops with concrete is an economical and handcrafted but a very complex DIY project. Whether you have a small or enormous kitchen, using concrete can make your countertop more functional and beautiful. You can choose the color, size, finish and shape of the concrete countertops as per your requirements.

Browse the library of countertops designs at www.montgranite.com and choose your style.


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