An Introduction: Granite Fabricators In Cincinnati

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Granite is being used in surfaces such as kitchen countertops, fireplace surrounds and much more. Before installation, granite needs to go through a process of transformation; called granite fabrication and contractors are called granite fabricators.

How does Granite Fabricator work?

The role of granite fabricator is to assist you in choosing material for your home. It includes templates or measurement of dimensions of installation which helps to know the exact amount of stone or granite required. After the measurement, type of granite, veins, shading, and color is considered.

Overall structure & density is checked during the granite selection. The quality of granite varies and it directly impacts the strength and durability. One should look at the structural test information on granite and compare before purchasing. Granite fabricators can easily identify the quality of the granite.


Fabrication refers to the inspection of granite for any defects, scratches, blemishes, marks. It is checked for color texture and layout. Granite is cut into 1/6 of its final thickness and edging & shaping is done. The process includes polishing the surface, washing, drying, and application of sealer base coat. All these processes are conducted at the site before installation.  During granite fabrication, the template is used to trace the outline of the granite that you have selected. Granite is cut using water jets or saw and polishing of the surface is done.  Once the fabrication is complete, installation of the countertops is performed. Granite fabricator needs to perform the whole process of installation.

Finding granite fabricators in Cincinnati

If you are looking for Granite fabricators in Cincinnati, Mont. can help in finding suitable granite fabricators in your area. Our trained team at Mont. will assist you in making the final the selection.  We will provide you the best option available and you may choose amongst them. We believe in providing the state-of-the-art cutting facility. We are located in 7 areas including Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis & Pittsburgh. We specialize providing the largest and most exclusive selection of surface variety and color in the Midwest ranging from golds, reds, blues, greens, blacks, browns and much more. You can have a look at our design centers and select the material you need for your house.

For any questions, feel free to visit to know more about our products and other services.



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