Give Edgy Look To Your Bathroom With Vanity Tops

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To give bathrooms a fresh style that can complement the décor, bathroom vanity tops are being used from a variety of surfaces, edges, styles, and finishes. Bathroom vanity tops can be chosen from a variety of surfaces, edges, styles, and finishes.

There are varieties of surface material out there in the market from which bathroom vanity tops can be designed. Bathroom vanity tops play an important role by being durable and providing an area for soap, cosmetics, etc. Bathrooms are being styled keeping in mind the designs, basins, shower trays, wet rooms, baths and vanity units.

  1. Solid surface: Solid-surface material has flexibility and functionality for a bathroom vanity top. Solid-surface is used for materials such as Corian or Silestone
  2. Granite bathroom vanity tops: Granite has a beautiful appearance and durability. It gives a natural look and style to the bathroom when used as countertops. It is long-lasting, resistant to heat, scratch-free and can easily handle heavy appliances. It has plenty of design options as it has veins of color running through it that makes it one of a kind
  3. Quartz bathroom vanity tops: Quartz counters are composed of quartz, pigments, and binders. It requires less maintenance in comparison to granite countertops
  4. Ceramic tiles bathroom vanity tops: Ceramic tiles are cheap and is quite an affordable bathroom countertop option. Tiles are easy to transport, lay, cut and mortar
  5. Laminate bathroom vanity tops: Laminate countertops are being designed with better quality and are appealing to buyers

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