4 Primary Differences between Marble and Travertine!

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Marble and Travertine stone are both frequently used in various construction activities these days. They are both natural stones and available in different patterns and colors. Well, the similarities end here; let’s talk about the differences between the two now. Whether you are planning to replace your home flooring or contemplating kitchen or bathroom remodeling, choice of the right stone is very important. So, here we are going to tell you about the four primary differences between two popular construction stones nowadays, marble and travertine, which will help you in making an informed choice:


Marble is known for its distinct veiny color patterns; it comes in one solid color also, but usually, there are streaks of a different color running through it (e.g. gray streaks on white marble). Travertine has a textured look and its colors are usually warm, ranging from pure white to beige, gold, brown, and so. There are slight variations in patterns found in different tiles.


Marble tiles are generally used on bathroom walls and floors as they are less porous than travertine; the former is also used in kitchen countertops. Travertine tiles are mostly used for kitchen flooring, living rooms, ceilings, and outdoors.


Marble is much more durable than travertine and thus, it is widely used in commercial construction. Travertine is also quite sturdy, but not as durable as marble; the former has a more porous surface than the latter, which makes it anti-slippery.


Natural travertine usually costs more than cultured marble, but natural marble is priced higher than natural travertine. However, the quality of stone and the area of its origin also affect cost. The installation costs of both these stones are fairly similar.

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5 Notable Advantages of Granite Countertops for Kitchen!

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The kitchen is indeed the most important place in your home. The food for the whole family is cooked here, which nourishes the family. And again, the countertop is a very important part of your kitchen, which is a slab or surface over which food is prepared, utensils and kitchen equipment are placed, and even food is served over them, in large kitchens. Though there are various types of kitchen countertops available these days, none is as popular as the granite kitchen countertops. So, what qualities make these countertops so special. Well, we have listed below five notable advantages of granite countertops for kitchen that make them a preferred choice for homeowners:

  1. Durability: Granite is one of the hardest known materials found in nature. Obviously, the high durability of granite makes its countertops robust and long lasting.


  1. Impressive Appearance: When it comes to kitchen or home remodeling, appearance is a very important factor that homeowners look for, besides utility. Granite has a glossy surface, which looks very elegant. It is also available in a myriad of colors, shades, and designs.


  1. Hygiene: Hygiene and cleanliness are very important in the home, especially in the kitchen, to keep the family healthy. Granite countertops ensure a high level of hygiene as it is naturally resistant to bacteria and grime.


  1. Heat Resistance: The granite rock is a bad conductor of heat and electricity. It means that while working on this kitchen slab, there is no risk of accidental electric shock or skin burn.


  1. Easy Maintenance: The kitchen countertops are usually exposed to heat, moisture, and intense activity, thus they need to be easily maintainable. Granite kitchen slabs are quite easy to clean and maintain in the day to day use.

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Select Natural Quartz Countertops to Add Life to Your Kitchen!

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The countertops make a very popular part of the home interior and décor these days. They are used in several parts of the home like the kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, etc. But these beautiful slabs have been always inherently connected with the kitchen design. Countertops offer a high-level of utility in the kitchen as they facilitate day to day kitchen chores like vegetable cutting, preparation of dishes, placing utensils and kitchen equipment, and many other tasks.

There are many options in countertops available in the market these days. It is certainly not an easy task for a homeowner to choose the best piece for his purpose out of such a large variety. Natural quartz countertops can be chosen without hesitation for almost any kind of domestic setting. These contemporary slabs present a beautiful combination of elegance, quality, and durability, which make them ideal for your kitchen.

A good-quality natural quartz countertop is composed of almost 93% natural quartz and the remaining 7% is usually resin binders and colorants. The resultant product is a very durable surface that is on a par with the granite surface in terms of sturdiness. The surface of natural quartz kitchen countertops is non-porous, i.e., liquids such as water, oil, juices, etc., cannot percolate through it. These surfaces are also up on the hygiene scale; they resist bacteria formation and thus, promote good health. They are highly scratch resistant and almost maintenance free. The natural quartz countertops are also relatively less expensive than various other surfaces popular for kitchen use.

The quartz prices are kind to your pocket when the initial cost, installation cost, and maintenance cost are taken into account.

These slabs are not only functional but very elegant as well. They come in many alluring designs and shades to suit your requirement. So, whether you are planning to design a new kitchen or remodel your existing kitchen, there could be no better choice than the natural quartz countertops, which can surely add life to your kitchen!

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Travertine Countertops are Trendy & Stylish!

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Travertine countertops are beautiful & trendy in looks. Color options are available such as beautiful earthy colors like cream, beige, ivory, gold, silver, coral, walnut & many shades of brown. For timeless feel, travertine countertops are the best choice. Travertine countertops are available in cross cut & vein cut stones. It is used for flooring, countertops & walls. Also available matte, polished or smooth finishes. Travertine countertops are easy to clean with warm water & non-acidic cleaners & don’t require too much maintenance.

Why install travertine countertops?

It is a fact that travertine adds elegance to the home. It provides a very clean & subtle look, an ideal option for people who want a unique appearance. Travertine countertops are durable and long-lasting in comparison to other materials. Travertine countertops can be shaped easily and cut in comparison to porcelain tiles. Travertine gives visual change and is less expensive. Travertine is also eco-friendly option and ideal for homes.

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Choosing The Right Bathroom Vanity Can Transform Your Bathroom!

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A bathroom vanity is basically a combination of bathroom basin and the storage space surrounding it. It is a sort of bathroom cabinetry that accommodates the sink or basin and conceals the plumbing and piping elegantly; at the same time, it also provides with some much-required storage space for your soaps, scrubs, and other bathroom items. The benchtop, which constitutes an important part of the bathroom vanity, is usually found in various types of materials such as natural stone, quartz, porcelain, wood, laminate, and so. It should be made of a material which is either moisture resistant or waterproof; needless to say, a bathroom is the wettest place in your home.

Nowadays, there are a lot many types and designs of bathroom vanities available in the market. There are single-sink and double-sink type vanities. Then, there are those with a floating design, corner fitting, traditional, classic, vintage, country style, modern, art deco, and minimalist design vanities. You should choose one that can be conveniently placed in your bathroom with enough space left around it. The size of the vanity should be in proportion with the bath place; it should not be too big or too small, but just the right size. The kind of design that you choose depends on personal preference, whether you like the art deco or classic or a modern design. The design should be such that it complements the interiors of your washroom. Remember that choosing the right type of vanity can transform your bathroom and add life to it!

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Bathroom vanities will make your bathroom stand out!

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Contemporary bathrooms have vanities inside and it makes them stylish. Bathroom vanities create valuable space and help to organize storage amenities and make the bathroom beautiful. It provides a storage unit and the bathroom is more organized. In the market, you will find a variety of options that are up-to-date with the latest trends.

Find the best stores: First decide what kind of product you want for your bathroom then find out which store specializes in developing that product.

Reputation: Find about the companies that are in business for long and their reviews in public. You can read some customer reviews that are posted online.

Quality: Read about the materials used for manufacturing the product & elements used for the production of the product.

Value: Determine which company is offering the bathroom vanities at lowest rates. You can also compare rates before buying the bathroom vanities.

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These countertops are specially designed for your beautiful home!

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Your renovation project would be incomplete without installation of the countertop. Fine surface countertops can be used wisely to add value to your kitchen & bathroom. With too many options available in the market, people are looking for countertop material that is less expensive and trendy. There are countertops available in from a variety of surfaces, edges, styles, and finishes.

Here are some countertops for your better understanding:

Marble countertops: It will add elegance & beauty to your home. Marble is a favorite and it is resistant to stains & adapts to every style. Also, it has a long-lasting design.

Granite countertops: Granite countertops are in the market for a long time. It has a diverse range of colors and patterns, long-lasting, beautiful appearance.

Quartz Countertops: Quartz is tougher in appearance in comparison to granite countertops. It is composed of pigments, resins & binders.

Solid surface: Buyers are also considering solid surface to their list of countertop material. It is manufactured using resin & stone, it has a variety of colors and patterns and it goes with all kinds of décor.

Bathroom Countertops:

You go to the bathroom to clean yourself and relax. Varieties of countertops can be used in the bathroom, keeping beauty & relaxation in mind. Bathroom countertops can be customized, leaving the style and design options wide open to personal taste. Bathroom vanity tops play an important role and bathrooms are being styled keeping in mind the designs, basins, shower trays, wet rooms, baths and vanity units.

Kitchen Countertops:

Cooking is a therapeutic process and a kitchen countertop can give a different look to the kitchen and make the process of cooking enjoyable. A kitchen countertop is already available in a variety of colors and patterns. It’s hard, heat-resistant, damage-free, scratch-resistant and durable.

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