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Spark Your Home With New Fangled Stone Designs At Mont Surface By Mont Granite

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Mont Surface by Mont granite upholds highest standards in the industry of stone surfaces and natural materials. Our team takes pride creating legacy carved in quality of our stylish stone countertops, slabs, tiles and surfaces.

With more than 400 designs in store we keep designs beyond possibilities. A home is where one seeks comfort, relaxation and some mind relief. We bring soothing to eyes stone styles to offer family goodness.

Your home lifestyle is a statement to be created by us. We believe in history and make promise as an artist to the admirers. We help you decide styles and interior the way you want.  With ample designs, colors, pigment and tints of materials, we bring textures, ecofriendly with a natural feel.

Our diligent team at Mont and talent designers works on theme; spark is what we look in our work and so it reflects in facet of our products. You can see precision of our work in cold marble, stupendous porcelain, larky limestone, tough travertine and queen like quartz.

The products we put out this season include work for your home fireplace surround, flooring, wall art, pavements, arches, staircases, bathroom tiling and floors, kitchen makeover and many such more. With largest sale of quartz countertops Columbus we’re jumping next to bathroom vanities Columbus and so the items you desire to see at home. Shop at heavy discounts, contact us at


Why Not Take a Look into Marble Countertop Plans For Final Design Execution

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Oak wood and marble

This traditional kitchen plan will only work out the best when installed along the oak wooden cabinets and a column chiefly known the Marble Island. Marble is a beautiful stone and this fashionable island is another beautiful interference that will abundantly compliment oak cabinetry and wooden chandeliers. These shiny specks of the marble will play off black handles of the cabinets that will accent throughout the room. A tang of stainless steel appliances will complete this classic kitchen look.


Chocolate Island

To cordially connect with the wholesome interior, chocolate Marble Kitchen Countertops and faded brown cabinets play a wonderful contrast with the dark countertops. This custom kitchen countertop selection with the honed look Marble Island will set an appeal over slab material, which makes a great central look. The coarse face of island is not just an aesthetic addition but also ads function to your rustic kitchen interior. Embark a great function to its entire structure installing a small sink at islands end.

Blue scheme

This kitchen is an exceptional plan because it features an exquisite Blue marble kitchen island, which is the room’s focal point and also the component that runs a blue bold color scheme. Conflicting yellow bar stools around the island will provide a place for sitting to allow this small kitchen to be active and running. Complete the look from the glass door cubbies showcasing white dishes.

Sunny walls

Light yellow walls and a yellow range of marble at the backsplash tile are perfect in this kitchen. This kitchen also features white marble countertops with round top & foot edges. The bold yellow color of the tiling from one of the wall really pops the white cabinets. A built-in white refrigerator perfectly fit with the white cabinets and a large open window for enough light sets ‘sunny walls’.

At MONT SURFACES BY MONT GRANITE, we will provide you Marble Countertops Grand Rapids real designs to makeover your kitchen style. Shop some samples now


Quartz: A Beautiful Flecks Marked Durable Stone

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A composition of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz surfaces is perhaps the most hard-wearing option for kitchen and bathrooms. They’re blended fashionable streaks of sand that manifold wide variety of colors, wine red , algae green, earthy browns, coal blacks, and cloudy creams. Quartz inherent quality sparks so polishing easily confuse its textures with Granite Marble Indianapolis.

Quartz slabs are engineered in a factory; its chief component is a high degree of ground quartz mixed with polyester resins and pigments that offer it color. Mont Surface by Mont Granite transport professionally produced high-grade quartz surfaces throughout America. Here, find designer stone products made after blending recycled glass and metallic streaks. Choose from a standard line of countertops rich in resin, dyed and served scratch resistant in nature.

Quartz slab was once available only in a refined gloss; today you can get it with a honed, sandblasted, or engraved craft. So if it’s the look of muted limestone, raised soapstone, or silken granite you desire, here Mont has quirky quartz countertops for you. Pick one to match your expenses, your cooking and cleaning needs, and your bathroom style.

It is a competitor to the ruling king of high-end countertops. When you ardently require a protective coat, knock at the right door. Select from numerous designs, color variations with a look like a natural glow. When all the manufacturers offering multihued slabs with stunning flecks, eddies, and patterning, go for an option that provides all designs in one store. Contact Mont surfaces by Mont granite to choose from distinguishable slabs.

A Pretty Glowy Granite Fireplace Surround Idea By Mont

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A home speaks the language of togetherness, love and life. People create homes as per their tastes and preferences. Some looks out for warmth whereas others are interested in style. There are home decors categorized as vintage, modern, luxurious and elusive formats. Whatever style you choose depends upon featured environment that provide coziness you expect. A pretty glimmering fireplace is definitely one of those inviting features, which illuminate the beauty of your home. No matter if it’s a contemporary style or traditional, the more formats you’ll put in the more vibrancy you will feel.

Present day fireplace surrounds ideas are considerably improved designs with evolving cultures, art and technologically creative ideas. These are designs created to provide an eco-friendly appeal with elegance, subtleness and style intact. The best designs, suitable for all home kinds are Fireplace surrounds Grand Rapids.


Glass floors, skylights and granite fireplace surrounds

Well ventilated living room with a stone fireplace sports daffy glass doors, floors and mirror arts offers a clear cut view, Sets a chic stylish home experience with fire radiances sweeping off glassy floors. Picking a granite fireplace surround will set a focal point inside your room, wide and warm submitting to walls & edges. With white granite the patterns created becomes more precocious, reflects of fire plays dramatic movements up and down like lanterns in the sky.

Either pick purely carved stencil on granite fireplace surround or old age traditional miniatures. Stone work may differ depending upon the material used but the kind of designs, curves and finely carved art you will find in granite will not find in any other stone material.

Select high end granite fireplace surrounds Grand Rapids from Mont surface by Mont granite.

Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling with Mont Granite

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We seek to understand what you desire – Bathroom remodeling begins with the process after finding out what you exactly hope to accomplish in that particular space. Do you need to improve safety either you’d like to replace with a luxurious bathroom or u just want to fit in something extra in your bathroom.

We will provide you accurate, reliable, and affordable solution – we are customer centric, we believe in building bond with customers and to serve them with outstanding and reliable quality at affordable price. Even we use to written and fair change orders with update price for detailing any changes.

We have expert team– our staff member are really expert and professional and provides high-end remodeling designs for your bathroom. Our services are carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and flooring and even we are reputed suppliers of these mentioned amenities like showers, tubs, cabinets, and countertops. Our company strives to streamline the process with a qualified installation team and dependable suppliers.

We focus on both design and structure– a beautiful remodeled bathroom designed after assuring about quality finishing and interior both. Many of other majorly focuses on designs but we believe in underlying structures such as the quality of the subfloor, electrical wiring, shower wall board, and behind-the-wall plumbing. Because quality construction behind the sleek finishes that deserves the praising.

We believe in innovation & difference– our team mainly focuses on innovative and creative ideas to design and remodel your bathroom. Many of the products used are readily available, we believe in making difference and creating individuality.

Looking For best Bathroom Remodeling in Cleveland

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5 Extremely Beautiful Stone Ideas for Your Kitchen Countertops

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Your kitchen handles a lot from spills, stains, smoke and chops. Why not install the best countertop materials to keep it fresh and hygienic all the day round.  Choosing a long lasting, durable and fancy material will be a tough kitchen countertop decision.

Here are some similar kind countertop ideas, brought by Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite from outside countries to enhance overall beauty of your home kitchen.


Quartz is superbly maintenance free, its sister engineered quartz countertops are mark, scratch, heat and acid resistant. Their non-porous surface is literally sturdy that don’t need to be sealed like other natural stone countertops. Quartz offers plethora of colors and textures, and this makes it the best amongst others in line.


Granite is a natural stone type, its stone pattern varies, and its colors are deep and bold, not so commonly found in other stones. This quality of granite adds to its appeal and so costs the same. In some regions, the cost of granite and quartz is equal but when it’s about natural granite it requires a bit more cash with carefulness to keep its good looks intact.


Limestone is relishing resurgence in the society. You can find a great upsurge in limestone utility from the past years records. Limestone’s sleek and shiny body is what attracts people. It comes in various saturated, forest green, sea blue, mauve and many more limestone patterns seeking an environment friendly caption.


From ubiquitous bright to turquoise light, soapstone is seen ruling countertops market. It is both decorative and functional. Unlike other budget friendly options like laminate, soapstone can cost a bit high on your pocket but is ideal worth the amount you spend on its purchase.


Marble is the king. Marble is a darling stone of many households today. Never mind how frantically you go on its regular cleaning and maintenance but the glare it provides is unachievable in other stones.

Choose your Kitchen countertop material from catalogue of Kitchen countertop ideas pictures listed on Mont Surfaces by Mont granite .


Make Fireplace Surrounds Crown Of Your Home With Four Exclusive Ideas

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When it comes of giving a warm good look to your residence, fireplace surrounds really sounds great. They help in keeping the temperature of your home warm and also add a romantic aura to the place. After the kitchen remodeling is completed. You start struggling in your mind with the ideas for fireplace surrounds. So we are here to provide you with exclusive four ideas that will make your home a better place.

  1. Keeping gas fireplace surround sleek and modern with a streamlined effect of sleek stainless steel fascia and the wall colors lighter and tying the steel theme for interiors will give the ultimate metallic touch to your house.
  2. If you are a classic style lover, then installing a wooden mantel around your fireplace will give a relishing look to your area. After the installation of the traditional wooden mantel makes sure that the firework is painted in white or cream and the backboard in black so that it gives a kind of volcanic look.
  3. Are you fond of colors? If yes, you must surely opt for the coloured fireplace surround that gives a bold and modern look to your home. Be very clear about the colours you select for this because that becomes the centerpiece of the room. Try to match the colors for the fireplace as the colours of cushions or any art piece on the walls.
  4. Give an artistic look to your fireplace with not keeping it on the ground. Keep the mesmerizing flames at the eye level with the frame outside and the fir flames inside. This will give a modern statement to the people visiting your place.

MontGranite INC is the wholesale supplier of the fine surfaces that gives design to your place. From kitchen remodeling to different artistic designs you want to apply at your place, MontGranite serves with best of the products. For more information you may browse through,