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Give Edgy Look To Your Bathroom With Vanity Tops

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To give bathrooms a fresh style that can complement the décor, bathroom vanity tops are being used from a variety of surfaces, edges, styles, and finishes. Bathroom vanity tops can be chosen from a variety of surfaces, edges, styles, and finishes.

There are varieties of surface material out there in the market from which bathroom vanity tops can be designed. Bathroom vanity tops play an important role by being durable and providing an area for soap, cosmetics, etc. Bathrooms are being styled keeping in mind the designs, basins, shower trays, wet rooms, baths and vanity units.

  1. Solid surface: Solid-surface material has flexibility and functionality for a bathroom vanity top. Solid-surface is used for materials such as Corian or Silestone
  2. Granite bathroom vanity tops: Granite has a beautiful appearance and durability. It gives a natural look and style to the bathroom when used as countertops. It is long-lasting, resistant to heat, scratch-free and can easily handle heavy appliances. It has plenty of design options as it has veins of color running through it that makes it one of a kind
  3. Quartz bathroom vanity tops: Quartz counters are composed of quartz, pigments, and binders. It requires less maintenance in comparison to granite countertops
  4. Ceramic tiles bathroom vanity tops: Ceramic tiles are cheap and is quite an affordable bathroom countertop option. Tiles are easy to transport, lay, cut and mortar
  5. Laminate bathroom vanity tops: Laminate countertops are being designed with better quality and are appealing to buyers

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Beautify Your Kitchen With Countertops!

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Do you want a stylish kitchen that makes cooking interesting? Nowadays people are focusing on the décor of the kitchen as well. Cooking is a form of an art and kind of spiritual activity which requires a place that can inspire you to cook effortlessly. The kitchen also requires upgrade and it can be done using fine surface kitchen countertops. 

Various surfaces are being used as countertops and many designs, color, and patterns are available.

  • Quartz kitchen countertops: It is non-porous, waterproof, stain & scratch resistant and easy to maintain. It is available in a wide range of color options and one can match it with the décor. It can be cleaned using soap and water easily.
  • Granite kitchen countertops: Available in various designs and patterns and has a unique appearance and requires zero maintenance. It is less expensive and is extremely durable. Granite kitchen countertops enhance the look and give it a luxurious look. It is easy to maintain, can be cleaned with warm water and few drops of an antibacterial agent using cloth.
  • Marble kitchen countertops: As we are aware that marble goes with most of the styles and is a least expensive countertop. It is also heat resistant but it catches stains and scratches. It requires to sealing and polishing to make it ready to use.

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Find Best Quartz Bathroom Countertops For Your Home Here!

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Quartz is a newly engineered material made up of quartz, resins, and polymers. Quartz has flecked appearance with a smooth look. It is hard, long-lasting, non-absorbent surface and is usually used in kitchen and bathroom countertops. Bathroom countertops must be capable of standing water and soap and serving in the morning rush hour.

Quartz is preferred in bathroom countertops are preferred because it is non-porous, waterproof, stain & scratch resistant and easy to maintain. It also does not require sealing or resealing. One can choose from wide varieties of colors and options available.

Why are quartz bathroom countertops in the trend?

  • It requires low-maintenance, high durability
  • Choose from plenty of design options as it is available in variety of colors
  • And yeah it is suitable for residential and commercial applications
  • It will surely enhance the look of the kitchen and give a luxurious look and feel
  • Lastly, it is so long-lasting, resistant to heat, scratch-free and can easily withstand water, cosmetics, soap, etc.

How to maintain quartz bathroom countertops in daily life?

Quartz bathroom countertops can be cleaned easily with mild soap, water & cloth. Usage of harsh cleaners should be avoided.

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An Introduction: Granite Fabricators In Cincinnati

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Granite is being used in surfaces such as kitchen countertops, fireplace surrounds and much more. Before installation, granite needs to go through a process of transformation; called granite fabrication and contractors are called granite fabricators.

How does Granite Fabricator work?

The role of granite fabricator is to assist you in choosing material for your home. It includes templates or measurement of dimensions of installation which helps to know the exact amount of stone or granite required. After the measurement, type of granite, veins, shading, and color is considered.

Overall structure & density is checked during the granite selection. The quality of granite varies and it directly impacts the strength and durability. One should look at the structural test information on granite and compare before purchasing. Granite fabricators can easily identify the quality of the granite.


Fabrication refers to the inspection of granite for any defects, scratches, blemishes, marks. It is checked for color texture and layout. Granite is cut into 1/6 of its final thickness and edging & shaping is done. The process includes polishing the surface, washing, drying, and application of sealer base coat. All these processes are conducted at the site before installation.  During granite fabrication, the template is used to trace the outline of the granite that you have selected. Granite is cut using water jets or saw and polishing of the surface is done.  Once the fabrication is complete, installation of the countertops is performed. Granite fabricator needs to perform the whole process of installation.

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4 Ways To Give Your Kitchen’s Countertops A Makeover

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You need to rethink about changing those muted, old countertops of your kitchen, and can definitely do so without even removing them.  All you need is to resurface the countertops and adding some lights to illuminate your kitchen just by changing the overhead light fixture. Stones like granite, quartz, marble, porcelain, and so on, acquire the capabilities to remodel the entire appearance of your kitchen.

  1. Laminate with Granites

Sprucing the countertops with slab granites will give your kitchen a traditional, brilliantly magnificent and contemporary appearance. Granite stones are available in several designs and colors like black, white, beige, coral, green and mostly preferred by the homeowners for topping their Kitchen Countertops in Cincinnati. Whetting the Granite will give your countertop a soft and matte appearance while polishing it will darken the stone color and give it a shiny presence.

  1. Top it with Quartz

The bold strength and the sober shining feature of Quartz, make it contrasting from marble and granite. For resurfacing your kitchen countertops, you can choose quartz to make the countertops look definite and compelling. Quartz, often mimics the granite and marble textures, colors and even the appearances, are available in different designs, patterns, and colors like red, green, brown, black and beige.

  1. Upgrade the muted Countertops with Porcelain

Give your kitchen a sophisticated remodeling by sprucing the countertops with white vitrified translucent ceramic – ‘Porcelain’. A wide range of colors/hues, patterns and finishing are your available, making it feasible for you to choose the right Porcelain according to the mood of your house for resurfacing the kitchen countertops.

Not ready to bust your wallet? The final tip is an inexpensive and DIY with moderate complexity to customize countertops.

  1. Forget stones and Go For Concrete!

Casting the kitchen’s countertops with concrete is an economical and handcrafted but a very complex DIY project. Whether you have a small or enormous kitchen, using concrete can make your countertop more functional and beautiful. You can choose the color, size, finish and shape of the concrete countertops as per your requirements.

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Some Bathroom Countertops Material To Enlighten Your Bathroom

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Countertops are equally important and they too play an essential role in bathroom vanities. Let’s look at some bathroom countertops that can bring elegance to your bathroom.

Granite Countertops: Granite is aggregate of outrace adequate and preferred countertop materials considering of its solid, evergreen and stain resistant. It is very complex to crack, break, or scratch with normal corrosion. Granite is abandoned in a certain number of colors, such as yellow gold, brown, tan, gray, taupe, peach off-white, and blue-gray. Anyway, as it’s a natural stone, there are confined color options as long as compared to color-enhanced quartz varieties. If you are looking for low maintenance countertops that don’t attaint or fade over time, go for granite.

Quartz Countertops: They are very admirable countertops for your bathroom and absolutely natural. Adopt quartz if you require a concrete option that needs zero maintenance and by no means requires chief coat applications. The composition of quartz is comparatively uniform therefore, it doesn’t absorb as many natural flecks, grains, or veins as granite or marble.

Marble Countertops: Marble countertops are structurally advantageous and assembled. Marble is the almost porous of the three and is especially sensitive to acidic liquids and ascendant chemical cleaners. A high-grade sealant is essential to protect the surface but is again and again applied by manufacturers or installation specialists. Select marble countertops if you aim at a design with the most appropriate, natural modeling and essentric veining. Marble tends to darken exiguously over age.

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Beautify Your Bathroom Countertop With Mont Surfaces By Mont Granite, Inc.

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In a house, a bathroom is one of the most essential and practical room. But sometimes it ends up being the last room to be updated and decorated. One should think of investing a little money and time in this space too as it is actually an essential part of your home. You start and end your day here, therefore; the look and feel with colors and styles must be in such a way that make you smile. Consider renovating your bathroom countertops that look elegant. These beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces are the best way to get a great and affordable vanity top.

Granite Countertops for Bathrooms: Similar to the kitchen, granite looks great in Bathrooms as well and is the most versatile and durable countertop you could choose. Granite will effortlessly hold up against the normal corrosion of a bathroom. It is suggested to seal your vanity top once a year. Granite, the dense rock material produced by ancient volcanoes, has become one of the preferred substances for countertops by many homemakers.

Quartz Countertops for the Bathroom: Quartz counter are the next most admired and trendy choice for vanity counters. Their durability level is same as granite when installing in bathrooms. The consistency of color and pattern across different quartz styles means that any remaining pieces can be used for future kitchen projects.

Marble Countertops for the Bathroom: White marble is the most preferred and popular choices for bathroom vanities. For those who would desire marble in their kitchen, but are precautious of the risks, the bathroom is a great place to enjoy a classic like White Carrara Marble.

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