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Select The Best Bathroom Vanity For You

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The idea of buying a Bathroom Vanity for your home can be a great help to you to redesign your bathroom space. You can craft a calming aesthetic in your home restroom by purchasing a trendy new bath vanity from Mont surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc. Make sure you measure your bathroom space before shopping for bathroom vanities for your home. You must take into consideration any existing features and ensure that your bathroom vanity will not interrupt the existing flow of your bathroom. There are many things that you need to look at when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. Estimating the space and making comparisons is one thing you should do. It is one of the essential things that you need to do.  If you are planning on modernizing the space, you need to ask yourself what you desire to do with it. It totally depends on your style preferences, when it comes to choosing your bathroom vanity. You can either select your own unique top or go with one that comes standard with a bathroom vanity.

Bathroom Vanities with Tops:
If you are giving a thought about selecting a bathroom vanity that is equipped with a top, it is necessary for you to ensure that you coordinate the countertop style to the rest of your bath. You need to make sure that the texture and color of the bathroom vanity countertop go with your flooring and the fittings in your shower.

Modern Bathroom Vanities:
If you wish for contemporary or modern design, then it is evident that you will most likely want to select an elegant and clean bathroom vanity for your home. Modern bathroom vanities are distinct by their functional and simplistic signature design. Floating bathroom vanities has proved out to be perfect for the modern aesthetic. Modern bathroom vanities often have smooth handles and simple cabinets that can enhance your bathroom with a simple and elegant design.

Double Sink Vanity:
It becomes very difficult to share the bathroom in the morning with only one sink. Double vanity gives you all the space to stretch out if you share the bathroom in the morning with your family or significant other.

Remodeling a bathroom is a great way to add value to your home. If you wish to shop Bathroom Vanities in Columbus for your bathroom Mont surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc. has emerged out as the best option. Kindly visit, for more details.



Choose The Right Material For Your Kitchen Countertops in Pittsburgh

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Choosing the right material for your kitchen Countertop is actually an essential decision. After all, the countertop material is going to be there for years and years and will have a profound effect on the value of your home going forward. The countertop makes the kitchen much elegant. It is the work surface where you eat casual family meals, prepare food, and perhaps even help Junior with his homework. Of all the countertop materials you can opt to buy, a stone is a gold standard for both character and durability. Here are some of the stones from Mont Surfaces by Montgranite,Inc. to renovate your Kitchen Countertop and make it a ravishing one.

  1. Granite Countertops: These are some of the richest, elegant kitchen countertops available nowadays.  They are among the most expensive material too.  Granite is a natural stone with outstanding strength.
  2. Quartz Countertops: Also known as engineered stone countertops, these are different from natural stone countertops. Quartz countertops are mostly made from a high concentration of quartz crystals and natural substance.
  3. Laminate Countertops: It is a very popular alternative for many bathrooms as well as kitchens because of their affordable price and widest possible range of patterns and colors.
  4. Concrete Countertops: These are one of the newest types of kitchen countertops that are offered.  A new change in the means concrete is formulated rank that modern concrete countertops are relatively brightening and can be produced in an array of colors.
  5. Recycled Glass Countertops: Recycled glass countertops are those countertops that are made from other types of glass. It has a beautiful, unique, appearance that goes very well in homes with a variety of designs.
  6. Marble Countertops: These are certainly one of the most elegant materials to choose for any home and are a really beautiful addition to a kitchen countertop.

Mont Surfaces by Montgranite,Inc. brings an explicit variety of stones for countertops that would enlighten your Kitchen. Kindly visit website to learn about countertops for your home. Explore different design and material choices of Kitchen Countertops in Pittsburgh for the busiest room in your home.


Five Tips To Clean Your Granite Countertops And Make It A Ravishing One

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Granite Countertops in Indianapolis and in other cities have emerged out a  popular choice for many homeowners, but the vast majority are not sure of how to properly maintain and clean the stone’s surface. Well, you can purchase “granite cleaner”, but certainly there are many other ways you can preserve and clean these durable, yet stunning countertops.

Below are the steps that will help you to clean and maintain your Granite Countertops for years after years of installation:

  1. First of all prepare the countertops for proper cleaning. It is utmost important for you, that before you actually begin to start cleaning your countertop, remove excess rubbish and move all appliances or items so that you can easily reach all areas.
  2. Do Wipe up sticky residue or any spills on the counter. One of the best ways to avoid staining your Granite countertop is to remove sauces or liquids immediately from your countertop. Use a hot wet cloth to loosen and remove the caked on debris if the liquid has set up.
  3. It is better to wash the crumbs or other rubbish with warm soapy water to remove it from the countertops. Use a basic foamy rag to clear countertops of remaining debris, crumbs or other matter before you thoroughly clean your countertops.
  4. Make your homemade Granite Countertops cleaning formula. Be sure, you are using cleaners that are pH balanced and it does not include any acid or acidic type chemicals.
  5. Alcohol works well as it has anticeptics and cleaning properties. Combine mild dish detergent with rubbing alcohol to clean the granite countertops.
  1. Even though the granite surfaces are tough, using ammonia, vinegar and lemon cleaner can be a very bad idea as it contains acids that are not so safe for granite. Baking soda acts as the best cleaner for more stubborn stains that do not go off in one or two rub.

Mont Surfaces by Montgranite is very excited to introduce its new and innovative colors for the surface material and supplies over 400 unique varieties in Natural Stone, Engineered Quartz, Porcelain Slabs and Recycled Glass.

3 Cool Fireplace Surround Ideas That Will Accentuate Your Foyer: MONT

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Never go for ideas that paces against the tide always think of something unique yet exciting at the same time. Create a backwardly look it will only create disturbance in the flow of things. For a serene composite environment come up with some creative fireplace surround ideas. You surely will have to do a little homework, search through various home designing websites, and understand what materials are required to craft a good looking fireplace surround. To make your task an easy going process, here, at MONT SURFACES BY MONT GRANITE provide some soberly fresh fireplace surround ideas, take a look:

Granite fireplace surround:

With a wide range of designs, price tag and unique application, get numerous fireplace surround ideas ready to break out the clumsy, accentuating your room’s theme. Granite can be a great fit into your space and will beautifully blend with the surrounds. Add subtle, simple or extreme granite textures to compliment the warmness of the fireplace.

Plasterwork frame:

If you’re a lover of historic art and design, for that beautiful old feel and remembrances give your fireplace a touch of land. Set a classic frame lined up in sand stripes; enhance their shape by coloring in white and the fire centered in between. Remember the plasterwork perfectly goes along with your ancient wall interior.

Bricks work:

Other than the artificial, try the handcrafted bricks work. Go crackled into bricks, rough and grouted in the fireplace surround. Set a scene willful amazing ensuring the basement dark and hollow for a duskier natural campfire feel. Give your fireplace surround a perfect effortless look for endless versatility and calmness in the environment.

There are considerably more ideas for you to suspect and decide upon. Mont surfaces by Mont Granite offers ideas for your whole home renovation from kitchen countertop choices to providing wonderful Bathroom vanity ideas pictures online. Understand your need and make the most of our products. Purchase them at highly competitive rates.


The Right Colors To Scheme Your Entire Home Design

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There are people who are a fashion bird; they fly in the world of newness, art, and designs. Such people have an eye to design and coloring things more beautiful.  Here are some insider tips on home coloring and design by designer ‘Susie Frazier’.

All a house desires is a flow that doesn’t break. The modern designers are fast at their work and suggest implementations that will gear your world. Color in different ways inside different rooms. Go with the same line of pattern throughout the house keeping in mind uniformity and consistency in look. You can either choose sober shades or extreme highlights.  Some hues only look good at some places. After planning the coloring scheme, light to light or light to dark or two contrasting colors or the single shade with highlights, finally move to hues selection.

The houses that are sober and go mediocre in designs or with small built rooms, intruding too many colors will only create a mess.  A House must feel homely and friendly to relax in. Choosing soothing colors inside your bedroom, like the peaceful green in the study room, lovely yellow in the living room and fresh white in the kitchen get to set everything accurate.

With the right color selection understanding the ceilings paint and of windows/doors is of great importance. Keep everything in mind before you plan to color. The selection of stone surfaces, countertops, flooring, tiling and fireplace surrounds must match or amiably contrast with your coloring scheme. Wrong stone surfaces selection will only look uneven and is a waste of time. Spaces like Bathrooms that are profusely attired in stone designs; must go with the right stone surfaces, tiles, bathroom vanity ideas pictures to revamp the look naturally good. Also, Select among Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Picture before setting to transformation.

Spark Your Home With New Fangled Stone Designs At Mont Surface By Mont Granite

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Mont Surface by Mont granite upholds highest standards in the industry of stone surfaces and natural materials. Our team takes pride creating legacy carved in quality of our stylish stone countertops, slabs, tiles and surfaces.

With more than 400 designs in store we keep designs beyond possibilities. A home is where one seeks comfort, relaxation and some mind relief. We bring soothing to eyes stone styles to offer family goodness.

Your home lifestyle is a statement to be created by us. We believe in history and make promise as an artist to the admirers. We help you decide styles and interior the way you want.  With ample designs, colors, pigment and tints of materials, we bring textures, ecofriendly with a natural feel.

Our diligent team at Mont and talent designers works on theme; spark is what we look in our work and so it reflects in facet of our products. You can see precision of our work in cold marble, stupendous porcelain, larky limestone, tough travertine and queen like quartz.

The products we put out this season include work for your home fireplace surround, flooring, wall art, pavements, arches, staircases, bathroom tiling and floors, kitchen makeover and many such more. With largest sale of quartz countertops Columbus we’re jumping next to bathroom vanities Columbus and so the items you desire to see at home. Shop at heavy discounts, contact us at


Why Not Take a Look into Marble Countertop Plans For Final Design Execution

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Oak wood and marble

This traditional kitchen plan will only work out the best when installed along the oak wooden cabinets and a column chiefly known the Marble Island. Marble is a beautiful stone and this fashionable island is another beautiful interference that will abundantly compliment oak cabinetry and wooden chandeliers. These shiny specks of the marble will play off black handles of the cabinets that will accent throughout the room. A tang of stainless steel appliances will complete this classic kitchen look.


Chocolate Island

To cordially connect with the wholesome interior, chocolate Marble Kitchen Countertops and faded brown cabinets play a wonderful contrast with the dark countertops. This custom kitchen countertop selection with the honed look Marble Island will set an appeal over slab material, which makes a great central look. The coarse face of island is not just an aesthetic addition but also ads function to your rustic kitchen interior. Embark a great function to its entire structure installing a small sink at islands end.

Blue scheme

This kitchen is an exceptional plan because it features an exquisite Blue marble kitchen island, which is the room’s focal point and also the component that runs a blue bold color scheme. Conflicting yellow bar stools around the island will provide a place for sitting to allow this small kitchen to be active and running. Complete the look from the glass door cubbies showcasing white dishes.

Sunny walls

Light yellow walls and a yellow range of marble at the backsplash tile are perfect in this kitchen. This kitchen also features white marble countertops with round top & foot edges. The bold yellow color of the tiling from one of the wall really pops the white cabinets. A built-in white refrigerator perfectly fit with the white cabinets and a large open window for enough light sets ‘sunny walls’.

At MONT SURFACES BY MONT GRANITE, we will provide you Marble Countertops Grand Rapids real designs to makeover your kitchen style. Shop some samples now